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The Challenge

Today, it is difficult to find Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) talents. While there are greater numbers of STEM graduates worldwide than ever before, STEM jobs continue to go unfilled. Advanced and developed countries compete to attract talented students, researchers, and scientists by offering long stay visas, highest-paying jobs, scholarships, fellowships, and other benefits.

$150 billion.

Talent mismatch costs global economy $150 billion. (source: PwC).

2.5 Million

unfilled positions need STEM talents (according to The U.S. Department of Labor).


the average salary per year for jobs in STEM fields (according to The U.S. Department of Labor).

20 Countries

give a long stay visa for researchers, scientists, and STEM talents.

The Solution

Skillsuper™ is the world’s first online learning company provides complete online skills programs and online courses for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) talents to close the global skills gap. From a college student to a research scientist, learn essential skills to study or work in research fields; and to get the best scholarships and jobs.

Unqualified STEM

College Students and Researchers

BetaDegree Programs

All-In-One Online Skills Program

STEM Talents

Be Qualified for Scholarships and Jobs

BetaDegree Programs

All Skills you need to get the best scholarships and jobs (academia and industry)

- Professional Research Scientist Program (PRSP)

A one-year alternative to MBA for professional research scientists.

- Professional Scientific Researcher Program (PSRP)

Become a super researcher in less than 6 months

- Professional College Student Program (PCSP)

Learn essential skills to get the best scholarships and jobs

Academic Libary

Academic infographics, videos, and scholarships

Online Courses

#1 Online courses for academic, research, scientific, and scholarship skills development.

Help your friends learn the most in-demand skills for scholarships and jobs.

Earn Upto $2,500 (USD)

Innovation starts here

Stand Out in Your Field

Learn the most competitive skills that you need to build your amazing future and get your dream job or scholarship in any STEM field.

Develop Your Career

From academia to industry, grow your career at STEM research fields through unique online programs and courses from Skillsuper™.

Accelerate Your Performance

Increase your learning outcomes by applying what you’ve learned and putting knowledge into action using real academic applications and projects.

Earn a Valuable Credential

Share your key skills and valuable certificate from the world’s leading online learning company for academic and research skills development.

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