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All in-one demand skills program for future inventors

Student Package

- ٌ5 Training Modules

- Basic Mathematics Skills
- Basic Computer Skills
- Basic Science
- Basic Soft Skills
- Basic Research Skills

Student Package Pro

- ٌ7 Training Modules
- Advanced Math
- Advanced Computer Skills
- Advanced Science
- Soft Skills
- Advanced Research Skills
- Robotics
- Programming
- ٌBonus Modules!
- Innovation Skills
- Memory Skills
- Artificial Intelligence
- Life Skills
- Healthcare Skills
- Art
- ٌBonus Services!
- Homework Help
- ٌBonus Support!
- Premium Support 24/7
- Student Consulting
- ٌBonus Products!
- Student Guide eBook
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What's Included

Real Applications and Projects

Increase children’s learning outcomes by applying what they’ve learned and putting knowledge into action using real applications and projects.

Learn Practically Anything

No Theory, This program helps children learn essential on-demand skills by using videos, games, flashcard, and other interactive tools and materials.

Up-To-Date Skills

Children will learn the most in-demand skills  from recent UK resources to improve overall academic performance and become future talents and investors.

Multi-level Program

Skillsuper provides a range of interactive materials and tools to meet all needs and suites for children from 6-16 years

1-on-1 Mentor

Our mentors help children guide their learning, keep them on track, and motivated them through the smart  online summer camp

eBook For Parents

Parents will have access to a complete guide  includes practical advice, free tips,  and activities to learn how to study and deal with their children.

Get a Valuable Certificate

Earn a valuable certificate from the leading UK based- marketplace for research and innovation.

24/7 Premium Support

At Skillsuper, our experts will glad to answer your questions and help you at any time.

Free Access to Update

Students and parents can maintain access to course materials for free for up to 12 months

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