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Our referral program, one of the world’s leading referral programs in the eLearning industry, helps you earn money depending on successful payments that will be made by your unique referral link.

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Unique Value

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Brand Community

Skillsuper is the world’s leading elearning company for academic, research and scientific skills.

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If you don’t have any affiliate marketing experience, our support team will help you with any further assistant.

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Earn up to 25% of each successful program or course sale by your affiliate link

30-Day Cookie Tracking

We use a 30-day cookie, which is linked to your Skillsuper affiliate ID.

Easy to use

Skillsuper provides an affiliate dashboard to control everything about your referral account

How-To make Money

Start Your Affiliate Brand

Create your account and send your referral link to your friends via Email or promote it on popular social media (Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, Whatsapp …..)

Help Your Friends

After your friends are using your link, they will get 25% cashback on completing a course or a program on first-time enrollment.

Earn Money

You will also get 25% of each program or course that your referrals purchase. You can earn up to $2500. Share more to earn more


What is the Affiliate Program?
Affiliate Marketing is a great way to make money through the Internet, where you can receive a commission for referring a parent company to make sales via your website or social media.

Need more help?
Contact [email protected] with more questions.

Who can join our affiliate program?
Students, researchers, professional marketers, and anyone has the ability to sell eLearning courses.

I haven’t PayPal account, what will I do?
Don’t worry, you can learn how to create and activate your PayPal account from this link.

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