Student Skills Program From Scratch

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What is OPRIT?

OPRIT, a complete Online Program for Research, Innovation, and Technology, is developed by top industry leaders, teachers, and researchers for students to learn all in-demand skills to succeed in study and life. Become a super school student through an innovative online skills program from Skillsuper®. The OPRIT is designed to help school students get high grades in school, become inventors, be super productive at study or life, and learn speed math, robotics, coding, English and much more to achieve their objectives.

In this OPRIT camp, school students will be equipped with the necessary skills to study smart not hard. Students will learn the skills of not only how to get higher grades in schools, but also how to get innovative projects and ideas, and how to 10x productivity and memory. The program is founded on the principles of solution-focused psychology. This program offers you all online skills in one program package with interactive materials, real applications, activities, projects, and challenges that student needs to study effectively and be ready for tomorrow’s challenges. It is a proven predictor of a student’s ability to succeed as a future talent or inventor.

The OPRIT is ideal for anyone who has started a school study and/or who wishes to learn basics of  math, science, English, programming, artificial intelligence, research, innovation, and technology and secure opportunities across the global research community. Students will start learning by applying the fundamentals instead of learning the long theories first.

The OPRIT Features

  • # 1 Online Skills Programs for school students

The OPRIT is the world’s first online skills program for talented students, (Super Program)

  • Trusted Brand

The program was developed by Skillsuper®, a leading U.K.-based marketplace for research and innovation.

  • Up-To-Date Skills

This online program is based on real practical experience and not theory. Children will learn the most in-demand skills to become future talents and investors.

  • Learn from Industry Experts

You learn from professional instructors (teachers, researchers, and entrepreneurs) who work in STEM research fields. From teachers to researchers are using top techniques and tools for learning skills faster and more effectively

  • High-Quality Content

All courses have been designed by experienced instructors with interactive teaching techniques. High-quality of production – Full HD video and animations (This isn’t a collection of boring lectures!) Each module is taught in order and is divided into sub-courses. Generally, each sub-course will have a series of video lectures lasting 1-3 minutes.

  • Get a Valuable Certificate

Earn a valuable certificate from the leading UK-based marketplace for research and innovation and the world’s first all-in-one skills platform to prepare future talents and inventors at any level.

  • Bite-Sized Learning

The program consists of a collection of high-quality videos.  The average video length is 1-5 minutes to maximize children’s learning and productivity.

The program will start on 30 October 2019