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The Academic, Research , and Innovation Skills Test (ARIST) is an online test to measure your academic skills required for getting the best academic jobs and scholarships, and success in your academic life. Academic skills index (ARIST) evaluates your skills in academic IT, data analysis, academic writing, and academic English, and numerical reasoning.

Test Score 150
Test type:  2

Avg. 5 Modules per the test
Avg. 3 questions  per modules

Language: English
Price (USD):   For Free



- 10 Questions
- 3 Categories
- 10 minutes
- Social Share
- Random Answers
- Certificate

Professional Test


- 25 Questions
- 6 Categories
- 25 minutes
- Social Share
- A Professional Certificate

- ٌBonus !

- Random Questions
- Random Answers
- Update Questions Monthly
- Difficulty Levels

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