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The DRIS program is the world's first complete online skills program is designed to help college students, postgraduate students, and researchers to start or transform a job in research and development fields to achieve their objectives.This is only program is offering you all digital skills in one online program package with real applications, projects and challenges that you need to study and work in academic and research fields.

Number of Modules: 8 modules

Number of Videos: +300 videos

Avg. 8 weeks per program
Avg. 3 hours per week

Language: English
Early-Bird Price (USD): 1500 $49 for the program

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Learn powerful skills and techniques to work at top Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) research fields (academia or industry).

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Increase your learning outcomes by applying what you've learned and putting knowledge into action using real academic applications.

Real Projects

Through this program, you will enroll in real academic projects and challenges to track your progress.

College Students

Postgraduate Students

Young Researchers

Research Scientists

(DRIS) Program Syllabus

Module 1

Research Skills

- General Search Engines
- Academic Search Engines
- Online Libraries & Databases

Module 2

Scientific Software

- Reference Management
- Chemical and BioDraw
- Research Tools

Module 3

Scientific Instruments

- Applications and Uses
- Interpretation of Results
- Tips and Tricks

Module 4

Microsoft Applications

- Create and Design Posters
- Formatting Proposals / Projects
- Create Interactive Presentations

Future Roadmap

Module 5

Web & Cloud

- Email Productivity
- Web Browsers
- Cloud Storage

Module 6

Security & Privacy

- Computer Security
- Web Security & GDPR
- Email Security & Privacy

Module 7

Innovation Skills

- Critical Thinking Skills
- Problem Solving Skills
- Math & Memory Skills

Module 8

AI Technology

- Deep Learning
- Machine Learning
- Artificial Intelligence

Job Opportunities

2.5 Million

unfilled positions need STEM talents (according to The U.S. Department of Labor).

$51,000 USD

The average salary per year for scientific researchers who work in STEM fields (according to TheScientist)

20 Counrties

give a long stay visa for researchers, scientists, and STEM talents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I enroll?

Today, it is difficult to find Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) talents. While there are greater numbers of STEM graduates worldwide than ever before, STEM jobs continue to go unfilled. Advanced and developed countries compete to attract talented students, researchers, and scientists by offering long-stay visas, best-paying jobs, scholarships, fellowships, and other benefits.
But the world’s best countries and STEM industries don’t only need STEM graduates, need STEM talents who are qualified to work and lead innovation in academia or industry.
So, it is a great opportunity to become a talented researcher and turn your dreams into reality; enroll today in the BetaDegree program, the world’s first complete online skills program for talented researchers. In this comprehensive program, you will learn essential skills and strategies to get more done in less time and to work in STEM research field (academia or industry).

Why is this program different than others in the market?

The DRIS program is the world’s first comprehensive online skills program that helps talented college students, researchers, and scientists learn essential digital transformation skills to succeed in their career and life using real applications and projects.

Who can take this program?

College students (undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students) and researchers who are working in research fields .

What are the admission criteria?

This DRIS program accepts all college students (undergraduate students, postgraduate students, and scholarships students and anyone who want to work or study in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) research fields (academia and industry)

What are the prerequisites for enrollment?

To optimize your success in this program , we recommend that you should have the following knowledge:
• Intermediate or advanced English level
• Basic Knowledge of IT

Does Skillsuper offer an accredited university degree?

No, the DRIS  program , the world’s first online  skills program a degree,  provides a valuable certificate  from  Skillsuper, the world’s leading eLearning company for and research  and innovation skills.

How is this DRIS program structured?

The DRIS Program is comprised of eight modules. To graduate from the DRIS program, you should complete all courses projects, and final assessments. Notice, all projects will be reviewed by the Skillsuper team. You can resubmit your project until it passes.

How long is this ARIST program?

Access to this ARIST program runs for 6 months from the date noted in the program length section above.

How much does the program cost?

The DRIS program consists of eight professional modules. For a total program cost of USD $49 (The early bird price  is on) whether you can save over than $ 1050.

Can I get a refund?

Yes, you are eligible for a refund from the date of purchase until 30 days from the day you receive access to the program. To request a refund or help please contact us here: [email protected]

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