Research Project Guide: Basic Concepts for Everyone

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Research Project

Learn basic techniques to create your research project or proposal in a simple way. In this course, you will learn basic concepts of creating a research project, thesis, research paper or other activities. We will start with Google search that includes billions of pages and information, you will learn basic techniques to get more accurate results to add to  a research project or proposal .
Whether you are a college student,  a teacher,  or a researcher is looking to learn how to add references to your documents through a fast and easy way. This comprehensive training course is the best for you. So, you can apply all skills of this course for all documents that you are working on such articles, presentations, books, theses, projects and much more.
Learning goals upon completing this course include knowing why it is important to establish a solid foundation for your project regarding.

Learning Outcomes
Google Search

  • Definition of search operators
  • Characterizations of search operators
  • Advantages of using search operators
  • Applications of search operators
  • Decrease the number of search results,
  • Use Google search to see if anyone has the same concept or idea.
  • Determine if something is plagiarized
  • Find the original source of a statistic you found on a website.
  • Search  for names with quotes such as authors.
  • Apply in other search engines and databases.
  • Use a combination of search operators.

Reference Management (EndNote)
You will learn  how to

  • manage your references easily and quickly
  • share your reference library with other team members
  • accomplish your literature faster than before
  • add references or citations to the documents within minutes
  • change a bibliography style in seconds
  • import citations from online databases

Why should I take this course?

  • Save your time and efforts
  • Get the best research results
  • Enhance your research skills
  • Advance your research career

What will we offer?

  • Interactive videos
  • Free Access to update
  • A certificate of achievement
  • Learn at your own pace

Who can take this course?
This course is for those who are interested in learning if research projects

  • Students
  • Researchers
  • Teachers
  • People who work in research fields.
  • People who want a  successful research career
  • Others

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$100.00 Free