How to Write a Thesis: Part I

Academic Writing

How to Write a Thesis: Part I

How to Write a Thesis -Top Secrets Part I

In this article, you will learn tips and tricks for how to write a thesis from top industry experts.

Using academic writing tools

A thesis without grammar errors is one of the main challenges for non-English native speakers. Now, this problem is over by using Grammarly tool.

Grammarly is an online tool to check your text in emails, social media, application forms, and much more.  In addition, you can download Grammarly add-on for Microsoft Word to check documents on your device (laptop, iPad, ….).

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The reference section that is in the thesis usually takes a few weeks or months to accomplish  by using a manual method to add references and citations. But researchers and students who use Endnote software can accomplish the reference section in just a few minutes or hours.

EndNote is a reference management tool to add, edit, and organise references and citations in your article or thesis. In addition, you can organise, rename PDF documents, and automatically convert literature PDFs to reference records.

You can learn how to use EndNote in a smart way using high-quality content, advanced notes, academic applications, academic projects, and much more from top industry experts.

Start writing early

One of the common mistakes made by researchers is waiting to finish doing experiments before starting to write a dissertation. From now, you should start early to write your thesis, it helps you to train yourself for academic writing. Once you finish the experiment section, you notice that you are to be a professional in academic writing.

Read more thesis related to your field

Reading is a key for how to write a dissertation. When you read more articles, review articles, books, chapters, and theses, you will enhance your vocabulary knowledge and academic writing.

Overcoming English Barriers 

Try to improve your English language now. the best way to enhance your academic English skills is to learn from native speakers.   You should  learn academic English mistakes, secrets,  and strategies.  .

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