How to Write a Thesis: Part II

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How to Write a Thesis: Part II

Use a lab notebook and take notes

When you do an experiment in a lab, you should write down all steps and procedures of the experiment on your notebook. If you know how much the lab notebook will help you to write your theses in an easy and simple way, you will start using it today.

Ask your supervisor.

A supervisor is a professor or doctor who helps and advises you to accomplish your thesis.

You should have asked him earlier about

  • The reference style of your thesis
  • The structure of your thesis
  • Thesis format (font size, margins, font types, number of pages, ……)
  • Feedback on the whole thesis

Avoid plagiarism

You must avoid plagiarism in your thesis, you can learn how to paraphrase a text using reading more literature related to your field and learn the main paraphrase strategies

Be clear and simple

  • Don’t use complex sentences you don’t understand,
  • Don’t use many abbreviations without a description of what it indicates for.
  • Follow your institution’s requirements for a master’s or PhD.

Recheck your thesis carefully

You should check your thesis several times for: –

  • Grammar errors
  • Sentence structure
  • Thesis structure
  • References and citation style
  • Titles of images, graphs, and tables
  • Spelling errors
  • Name of materials, software and devices
  • Cover page and supervisors’ name
  • Quality of figures and images

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